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New Qbasic Zone site design. Please tell me what you think by emailing me.

This months game of the month is Jocke the beasts Darkwoods 2. Check it out under the games section

Blueskr going to do a Jocke the Beasts dw2 graphical remake. The beta version is out. Visit Blue Qb to download it

Qbasicnews Forum awards: Nathan and Aetherfox started a new awards. It runs within the Qbasicnews forum. Go check it out. Its almost finished so go quick!!!

New tutorial. Check out the General tutorials. It is a qb encyclopedia of tutorials. But it is for the more advanced coders. Not for begginners.

Want your feature here? Please email me.

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25 July 2002:
Another update. I have done all of the pages, the only one that is not working it the forum. And that is all.. I hope you are enjoying the new design. I am looking for people to do articles. Please if you want to just send me a mail. I am also still looking for someone who knows any web programming language to make me a webpoll and a forum. If you are interested please email me.

24 July 2002:
I have decided to do a new webdesign BECAUSE on the last poll lots of people said it needed to change. All though a more of you also said it was good, I think this design is much better. Please note NOT ALL of the sections are working yet. I am busy working on them. Please tell me what you think of this new design by emailing me. I really need feedback! I am looking for someone with knowledge of php or perl or any web programming language who will be able to make me a webpoll poll and a forum. Please help if you know any of those languages.

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This section is not working yet.

What do you think of the new webdesign?

Last one was better
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